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Invitation for Guides of the Social Action Inquiry in Scotland 

Do you want to live in a Scotland where communities can make positive differences to their way of life? A Scotland that values social action and helps to make it happen? 

We invite you to be part of our Social Action Inquiry team to shape the direction of the inquiry by adding your voice and experience into the inquiry process 

What is the Social Action Inquiry? 

The Social Action Inquiry is being set up to find out more about how communities can take action that makes a difference. It will look at what helps, and what gets in the way. It’s hoped that it will help influence how Scotland rebuilds after the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Inquiry’s vision is: 

A Scotland which recognises the value of social action and its potential to enable us to overcome the challenges we face in the 21st century.  

This independent inquiry will be led by people with direct, lived experience of Scottish communities which have felt powerlessness over decisions affecting their own lives, and that this power has been exercised by others.  It will support people to find their voices, take action, and use what they learn to help create wider change.  For more details, see our website – 

To help the Inquiry we are inviting people to become Guides.   


What will a Guide do? 

To allow for the Inquiry to create a more inclusive and sustainable journey the Guides will help  shape the direction of the Inquiry.  For more details on the role please download our invitation to become a Guide file below (General or Easy-Read versions). 

Work, Hours and Pay. 

The Guides will meet once a month for one full day, online or in-person.  

The Guides will be offered £200 per day for their time.  

The panel of Guides will be reviewed every six months. This is to ensure diverse perspectives can contribute into the Inquiry.   


I would like to be a Guide. How do I do that?   

You can choose apply that in four different ways:   

  1. Write your answers on our application form (attached below).  
  2. Write a personal statement (no more than 1000 words) telling us why you would like to be a Guide.    
  3. Send us a video, no longer than 10 minutes, telling us why you would like to be a Guide. 
  4. Send us an audio file, no longer than 10 minutes, telling us why you would like to be a Guide.   

 We have chosen these four different ways because we know writing applications can be difficult for people. Guiding questions with how to design your application can be found by downloading the ‘Invitation for Guides’ file below (General or Easy-Read versions)  


When is the closing date for applications? 

Applications are open until 12 noon on the 22nd of October 

We will let people know if they are being invited to an interview by the 29th of October. 

Interviews will be arranged for the week beginning the 1st of November. 


How to submit your application. 

 A copy of the application can be downloaded below.  

 Completed written applications should be sent to 

Video and Audio Files should be sent by WeTransfer, or via the communication platforms Telegram or  Whatsapp to 07867 181 040.   

Please send a confirmation email to  informing us which platform you have used to submit your application.     


If you would like to speak to someone above being a guide before you apply or have any additional queries regarding the role or any information noted above, please email    


Invitation for Guides Easy Read

Invitation for Guides

Application Form Easy-Read Version

Application Form

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

Privacy Statement and References for Video and Audio File Applications