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Meet the People

Recognise yourself here?

We are daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, neighbours, activists, storytellers, people of colour, rural dwellers, urban dwellers, people of faith, queer, neurodivergent, people with disabilities, asylum seekers and refugees, people in recovery.

We are some of the people of Scotland.

Core Team

The people behind the inner workings.

The core team is a team of five who work from 1-day to 5-days a week with the Inquiry. They are involved in the operational and dreaming sides of the Inquiry. Their skills and passions are in the areas of social action, research and communications.

In the Inquiry we have adopted a co-model with the Co-Chairs and Co-Leads. This means that each individual in the ‘co’ brings different perspectives and experience, both working in harmony together.

If you would like to get in touch, you can email


Group photo of the Core team and the Guides of the Social Action Inquiry Scotland.

The people guiding the journey of the inquiry.

These incredible people have a depth of knowledge and shared-experience of social action.  As an interdependent inquiry – meaning everyone involved has a dependence on each other – we didn’t feel the concept of an ‘inquiry panel’ would fit with being interdependent.

The inquiry needed people to guide it through its journey and through its choice points. Therefore, the Guides are involved 1-day a month, joining on the journey bringing a focus on asking the right questions and exploring different avenues.

The group photo is taken from November 2022 of the 10 Guides and Core Team at one of the Guide Meets. [From left to right, back row: Neil Findlay (Guide), Sam Anderson (Core Team), Emma Thomas (Guide), Simon Suamu (Guide), Denisha Killoh (Guide), Martha Smart (Guide), Patrick Heyes (Guide), Deborah Menezes (Core Team), John Arthur (Guide). From left to right, front row: Catherine-Rose Stocks-Rankin (Core Team), Amanda Wootton (Core Team), Innocent Jakisa (Guide). Darryl Gaffney du Plooy (Core Team), Ghzala Khan (Guide), Lisa Callaghan (Guide).]


The people sharing their stories.

The depth and breath of social action across Scotland can be seen through the work of these communities. From making recovery visible to campaigning against racism in schools, these communities are moving towards creating positive change.

Social Action Inquiry Scotland has now partnered with all the communities for the Inquiry. The stories from these communities will be available in the ‘stories’ tab very soon.


The people capturing the stories.

These are our storytellers. The people who have the inside knowledge of the communities and who encourage the story to unfold and capture it into an art form to share with others.

The stories captured by the storytellers from the communities will be available in the ‘stories’ tab very soon.


The people joining the learning journey.

Our story began with individuals from seven organisations and charities coming together to be curious about the social action landscape of Scotland.

Being some of the biggest contributors to funding or advocating for social action and the third sector, our Partners wanted to reflect on the ways they are currently engaged with social action and whether they are helping or hindering it.

We are sharing the stories of the communities partnering with us and sharing our learnings so that together we can do things differently.