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A Scotland where social action is valued and is able to make change happen in communities.

The Social Action Inquiry will try to create change as it goes along. It will work collaboratively with communities to learn about the potential for social action. The Inquiry will work to amplify the voices of people furthest from power and ensure their ideas for change are heard amongst those who currently hold power. Read the Social Action Inquiry founding document here.

Our Purpose

The inquiry will address the following questions:
1. How can people make social action happen in their communities which can make Scotland a better place to live?
2. What are the factors – structural, policy, legal, financial, cultural, relational, demographic, digital, constitutional – which help or hinder social action?
3. What changes do those in power (state institutions, private businesses and third sector organisations, including providers and funders), need to make to realise the long-term potential of social action?
4. How can harnessing the potential of social action enable us to respond to, and be prepared for an increasingly turbulent and changing environment?

The Social Action Inquiry will:

• Provide money and power to communities to do things, which they will direct themselves.
• Support people to find their voices, take action, and use what they learn to help create wider change.
• Try to make change as it goes along.
• Build evidence for longer term change in Scotland.
• Bring together people who hold power and those furthest from it to try to change behaviours that get in the way of people using their voice and power.